Looking to earn higher yields than a traditional savings account? You can meet your savings goals more quickly with a Welcome certificate. This is a low-risk savings solution with a fixed interest rate. You can make your money go the distance with short- to medium-term deposits.

Ready to choose the term and amount that works for you? Let’s get started with your new certificate today!

Key Features

  • icon images Guaranteed Interest Rates
  • icon images Terms From 12 to 60 Months
  • icon images Open With as Little as $500.00
  • icon images Federally Insured Up to $250,000
  • Benefits of a Welcome Certificates

    • Minimum balance: $500
    • Terms 12 to 60 months
    • Competitive rates
    • Certificate matures at the end of the term you selected
    • No monthly service charges
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Now is the time to get the best returns on your cash with higher interest rates on your Certificate & Money Market accounts!