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Stay Safe: Holiday Scams Are Coming to Town!

During the holiday season, there is a noticeable increase in scams. This is especially true as delivery activity increases. Internet con artists known as “Phishers” will trick internet users into revealing their personal or confidential information for their own illicit gain.

Phishers imitate delivery services like FedEx, Amazon, or UPS to send potential victims messages claiming that a package was lost or unable to be delivered to them. This scam is especially successful during the holiday season due to the increase of online shopping activity as people try to check off their holiday gift list.

To learn more about this scam, the warning signs, and how to keep yourself safe, we recommend checking out this article: “‘Tis the Season for the Wayward Package Phish” from KrebsonSecurity. This article gives a great overview about the scam and how you can better recognize phishing attempts.

Shop safely this season, and if your finances are at risk, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Welcome CU. If you think your information has been compromised, then we need to speak with you. Remember: You’re always welcome with us!

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